Anchors refuse to take heavy makeup criticism lightly

Arafat Al-Majid
Arafat Al-Majid

Arafat Al-Majid

Several Saudi female TV anchors have reacted angrily to a recent statement by a Shoura Council member in which she criticized the anchors as being too “extravagant and wearing too much makeup.”

They said Nora Al-Adwan’s criticism is unacceptable and degrades the work these women are doing for their country. “Those who criticize Saudi media only want to put down the accomplishments of Saudi women and destroy the image of our country,” said presenter Afaf Al-Mohsin in response to the remarks.

“Saudi women are not the only ones who are done up on television; presentation is important in this line of work,” she added.

She said female Saudi presenters are well spoken, presentable and respectful and should not only be judged by their appearance.

She added that the colorful, yet modest, jilbabs and abayas worn by them are no different from others as long as they both cover the body and are conservative.

Afrah Jaafar, also a presenter, agreed, arguing that “all the clothing choices made by female Saudi presenters are very modest, since Saudi television represents the country as an Islamic state and so they are keen not to cross any red lines.”

Presenter Arafat Al-Majid said she is in favor of setting uniform standards, such as the abaya, for Saudi presenters, because varied outfits may create jealousy and problems between presenters.

“I agree that some presenters go overboard with the makeup, but there are many others who do not,” she said. “Makeup is required for the camera and lighting.”

She added: “I am not in favor of generalizing, as the Shoura Council member did. This simply not true and exaggeration is unacceptable.”


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