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Trump administration mulls escalating military role in Yemen

Jim Mattis

US President Donald Trump could reverse two-year-long restrictions placed by his predecessor Barack Obama on military engagement in Yemen, reported the Washington Post. The White House and other agencies are reportedly completing a review on the conflict and considering “lifting

Asiri: UN needs to permanently surveil, not just visit, Hodeida port

Ahmad Asiri

The UN convoy to Yemen should permanently monitor, and not just visit, the port cities of Yemen to ensure humanitarian aid is appropriately reaching its target audience, Arab coalition spokesperson Ahmad Asiri told Al Arabiya. Asiri’s comments come after a

Saudi forces kill 17 Houthi militias attempting to breach border

Saudi forces killed at least 17 Houthi militias who attempted to breach the border with Yemen on Saturday. The militants tried to breach the border near Al Khubah village in the province of Jazan. While stationed in border villages on

The complications in Yemen

Maria Dubovikova

By : Maria Dubovikova The Yemeni conflict is frequently called a forgotten war, because in terms of media coverage it is always overshadowed by Syria and Iraq. But its tragedy is no less serious, and has no justification; this is

MSF withdraws from hospital in Houthi-held region of Yemen

The international medical humanitarian organization Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) have decided to withdraw from al-Thawra hospital in the Houthi-held governorate of Ibb due to the breach of their “no weapons policy.” Since the turmoil began in the country after the

Houthi projectile kills toddler and injures father and brother in Najran

A toddler was killed Thursday when a projectile launched by the Houthi militia from Yemen territories hit a residential area in Najran, southwestern Saudi Arabia. The deputy spokesperson of the Directorate of civil defense said the victim’s brother – a

Saudi soldier killed by Houthi shelling in south Dhahran

Saudi Interior Ministry reported on Thursday that a soldier has been killed by Houthi shelling on a border post in south Dhahran. Earlier, a toddler was killed when a projectile launched by the militia from Yemen territories hit a residential

Yemen’s Hadi: Houthis cannot impose Iranian model on us

Yemeni President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi has said that the Houthi militias cannot impose the Iranian model on the Yemenis, pointing out that the majority of Yemenis stand for the restoration of state institutions from those who staged the coup.

Iran smuggling hi-tech weapons to Houthi militia

In recent months, Iran has increased its role in the war in Yemen, according to regional and Western sources, by sending hi- tech weapons and military advisers to the Houthi militias. A senior Iranian official revealed that Qassim Soleimani, Commander

Prospects of political transition in Yemen

Abdulrahman al-Rashed

By : Abdulrahman al-Rashed The Arab coalition has recently heightened the intensity of its operations in Yemen and this signifies that the war there has greatly shifted in their favor. Coordination between the coalition forces, led by Saudi Arabia, and

UN rejects coalition call to supervise Yemen port

The United Nations on Monday rejected a call by the Arab coalition for the key port of Hudaydah to be placed under its supervision. The coalition made the appeal following an attack on a boat carrying Somali refugees off the

King Salman center opens two new projects in Yemen

King Salman Center for Relief and Humanitarian Aid on Sunday inaugurated two projects. One program tackles malnutrition among children, and pregnant and nursing mothers. The other will supply water. Abdul Ilah bin Othman, president of the Khair Coalition for Humanitarian

Arab coalition intercepts Houthi ballistic missile targeting Saudi city of Jazan

The Arab coalition fighting to restore legitimacy in Yemen have has intercepted a ballistic missile that targeted the Saudi city of Jazan. The failed missile attack comes just a day after three men were killed when they attempted to infiltrated

Arab coalition calls for UN supervision of Yemen port

The Arab Coalition on Sunday asked to put the port of Hudaydah under the supervision of the United Nations, after dozens of Somali refugees were killed near the Yemeni coast. In a statement, the coalition reiterated it is not responsible

Saudi interior minister: Three men killed in southern border incursions

At least three men were killed when they attempted to infiltrated Saudi Arabia’s southern border with Yemen, the spokesman for the Saudi interior ministry announced on Sunday. troops stationed at the border were able to stop multiple efforts by groups

Arab coalition air raid kills 45 Houthi militias, among them a senior figure

At least 45 Houthi militias were killed after an Arab coalition air raid targeted their convoy in the near the town of Burj, west of Taiz. Among those killed was senior Houthi militia figure Amin al-Humaidan as the raid also

Yemen’s Hadi: Marib mosque attack is an act of terrorism

President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi

President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi described the ‘terrorist attack’ on a mosque in Yemen’s military base in Marib province as ‘ugly.’ Hadi pointed out that the killing methods pursued by Houthi militias cannot be tolerated, and that they represent all

At least 32 people killed in mosque attack in Yemen’s Marib

At least 32 civilians and military personnel were killed in an attack on a mosque during Friday prayers inside a military base in Yemen’s Marib province, local officials said. Houthi militias fired two missiles at the mosque located inside the

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