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Egyptian woman, world’s heaviest, to be biggest yet happiest loser after India op

Eman Ahmed Abd El Aty

An Egyptian believed to be the world’s heaviest woman will fly to India for weight reduction surgery Saturday after intervention from the country’s foreign minister ensured her a visa. Eman Ahmed Abd El Aty, aged 36 and weighing around 500

5 things you didn’t know about Saudi ardha dance

On Tuesday, Saudis will be performing the traditional Najdi ardha dance that is held annually and is patronized by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud as part of the Kingdom’s National Festival for

Indian doctor removes live cockroach from woman’s skull

It’s the stuff of nightmares — a cockroach crawls up your nose in the middle of the night, burrows in and drives you mad with scratching behind your eyes. But for one Indian woman, this horror story proved all too

Dummy mummy comes to the rescue of tiger cubs in India’s

Park rangers in India are using a cuddly toy tigress to help three traumatized cubs spring back to their feet after the death of their mother. The cubs, who were orphaned last month, have been happily feeding from milk bottles

Pak literary festivals bring cultural revival

Pakistan’s literary scene is seeing a spirited revival, with packed festivals attracting tens of thousands in a rock concert-like atmosphere that defies security threats in a growing cultural renaissance. Events such as the raucous Lahore Literary Festival, held over the

’Spectre’ car sells for $3.5 million

An Aston Martin DB10 car designed for the latest James Bond film “Spectre” has sold for some $3.5 million at auction, far exceeding its reserve price. The Aston Martin, a make long linked to the 007 agent, was one of

The world’s oldest person, a Japanese woman, dies at 117

The world’s oldest person, a Japanese woman, died, a few weeks after celebrating her 117th birthday. Misao Okawa died of heart failure and stopped breathing as relatives and nursing home workers stood by her side and praised her for achieving

Kate turns editor to tackle mental illness stigma

Britain’s Prince William and his wife Kate would seek help for their children George and Charlotte if they had mental health problems one day, Kate wrote in a blog published on Wednesday that sought to tackle the stigma associated with

Caitlyn Jenner settles car crash lawsuit

A wrongful death lawsuit filed against Caitlyn Jenner over a fatal California car crash has been dropped after the Olympic champion turned transgender icon settled with the victim’s family. Then still known as Bruce, Jenner was driving a large SUV

French artists finish replica of ‘magical’ cave paintings

An army of artisans have laid down their paintbrushes, chisels and pigments after three years of painstaking work to create a true-to-life replica of renowned Stone Age cave paintings long hidden away in southwestern France. “Absolutely all the work you

Italy covers up nude statues for Iran president

Italian authorities welcoming Iran’s president on a diplomatic visit this week seemed keen to avoid embarrassment – by covering up classical nude sculptures in the museum he visited. While Hassan Rowhani is known for his relatively moderate stance – as

3 charged after lioness prowled Dubai neighborhood

Three people have been charged with public endangerment over an incident that saw a lioness escape from a home in a Dubai neighborhood and prowl the streets for several hours. Abu Dhabi’s state-run The National newspaper reported Tuesday that police

China’s secret plan to use the force of ‘Star Wars’

Song Feideng

A long time ago in a country far, far away, Chinese authorities managed to obtain a copy of America’s ultimate cultural weapon, a blockbuster movie with enough special effects to wow an entire planet. Summoned to a small theater in

Together in tragedy: Syrian refugee draws Paris victims

Lina Mahameed

When Syrian war refugee Lina Mahameed saw TV reports of the recent Paris attacks, she recognized her own story reflected in the brutality. The 41-year old artist is now drawing portraits of some of the 130 people killed in the

Bowie’s ‘China Girl’ says he changed her life

Geeling Ching

In 1983, New Zealander Geeling Ching was 23-year-old and waiting tables at a Sydney cafe when she was chosen to play the lead role in David Bowie’s “China Girl.” She says the music video and the brief romance with Bowie

Attention, please: The secret of high performers

Daniel Goleman.

Daniel Goleman, a former science journalist for the New York Times is the author of thirteen books including the bestseller “Emotional Intelligence”. In his latest book, Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence, Daniel Goleman proves that the ability to focus

Sri Lanka merchant claims to have biggest star blue sapphire

A Sri Lankan gem merchant claiming to have the world’s biggest star blue sapphire is ready to sell the precious stone he says is worth at least $300 million. The Gemological Institute of Colombo certified the gem as weighing 1404.49

Monkey cannot own copyright to ‘selfie,’ US judge says

A rare crested macaque that took a now internationally famous “selfie” cannot own the copyright to the photograph because he is not human, a US judge ruled in a suit brought by animal rights group PETA on behalf of the

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