Investment, security to top agenda during Saudi Crown Prince India visit

Investment, security to top agenda during Saudi Crown Prince India visit

:: Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is set to arrive in India on Tuesday as part of his Asian tour, which kick started in Pakistan and will end in China at More »

Public Prosecution to handle customs probes in Saudi Arabia

Public Prosecution to handle customs probes in Saudi Arabia

:: King Salman on Tuesday issued a royal decree to transfer investigations and prosecutions of customs cases to the Public Prosecution, instead of the General Customs Authority, within a period not exceeding More »

King Salman receives officials from anti-corruption agencies

King Salman receives officials from anti-corruption agencies

:: Senior officials from different government monitoring and anti-corruption agencies called on King Salman at his palace in Riyadh on Monday. The king stressed the need for fighting graft and the importance More »

Port paves way for ‘new era of economic affluence’ in Saudi Arabia

Port paves way for ‘new era of economic affluence’ in Saudi Arabia

:: Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (center) at the launch of the King Abdullah Port on Monday. King Abdullah Port, the fastest-growing container port in the world, is considered a major success More »

Saudi anti-corruption crackdown recovers $106 billion in assets

Saudi anti-corruption crackdown recovers $106 billion in assets

:: Saudi investigators have recovered assets worth more than $106 billion in an anti-corruption crackdown ordered by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the royal court said on Wednesday. The funds are in More »


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Yes, Daesh is beaten, but religious extremism is not

Osama Al-Sharif

By : Osama Al-Sharif :: Time is running out fast for Daesh, the terrorist group that first appeared in late 2013 and within months was able to claim vast swaths of Iraqi and Syrian territories on which it proclaimed its

War options with Iran

Abdulrahman al-Rashed

By : Abdulrahman al-Rashed :: Confrontation fronts with Iran and its major allies have increased. The ballistic missile, which the Houthis launched on the Saudi capital, is a dangerous military development that cannot be separated from the regional conflict with

A worrying glimpse inside Netanyahu’s parallel universe

Yossi Mekelberg

By : Yossi Mekelberg :: A foreign visit is always a welcome break for a leader besieged at home. The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu seemed to be rather relaxed and enjoying himself on a celebratory visit to London to

Saudi Arabia: Damned if it acts against corruption, damned if it doesn’t

Faisal J. Abbas

By : Faisal J. Abbas :: Recent events in Saudi Arabia have certainly shown how astonishingly imaginative — and incredibly misinformed — some self-proclaimed “experts” who appear in international media outlets can be. I am not sure how some of

‘If needed’ is a phrase to avoid

Wael Mahdi

By : Wael Mahdi :: To extend or not to extend the current production-cuts agreement: That is the question the oil market is waiting to know on Nov. 30, when OPEC ministers and their non-OPEC counterparts meet in Vienna. Although

Stepping up: Israel’s increasing anxiety about Syria

Chris Doyle

By : Chris Doyle :: Syria is very popular in the Middle East. Practically every regional power has sent forces, intervened, sponsored proxies or affected this conflict in some way. Yet perhaps one actor that has received less attention than

Hezbollah and Hariri’s resignation, time for confrontation

Mashari Althaydi

By : Mashari Althaydi :: Around a year later, Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri made the normal and expected decision of leaving Hezbollah’s secret government. Hariri formed his government in December 2016, and it has made some good achievements such

Why does Daesh always succeed in stimulating people’s evil side?

Mohammed Nosseir

By : Mohammed Nosseir :: Terrorism is no longer an organizational structure with clear-cut disciplines. It has become an affiliation of evil; people from all over the world come together to express their anger and hatred by committing terrorist acts.

The Rohingya crisis is now genocide and we must recognize it as such

Dr. Azeem Ibrahim

By : Dr Azeem Ibrahim :: The Rohingya situation has been evolving. And now, it seems, we can no longer avoid the conclusion we have all been dreading. This is now a genocide, and we, in the international community, must

Life’s no child’s play for many kids

Harun Yahya

By : Harun Yahya :: While their peers are in the classroom, they are working … While their peers are playing in the schoolyard, they are working … They are working even when they should be with their mothers and

Hezbollah, Iran and dying for a tomb

Yahya Alameer

By : Yahya Alameer :: In Lebanon, Syria and Iraq, people are growing wary of sectarian figures and leaders who have hindered development of their countries and dragged them into internal conflicts and regional wars. This is pretty clear in

Yemen’s rebel masters in Tehran must be held to account

Abdel Aziz Aluwaisheg

By : Abdel Aziz Aluwaisheg :: On Saturday night, while the weekend was winding down in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, and citizens prepared for the work week, the skies north of the city lit up with traces from Patriot missiles

The defeat of ISIS may not correspond to victory for women

Hazem Saghieh

By : Hazem Saghieh :: It is assumed that women are the worst victims of ISIS — its savage acts, its virulent ideology and its organized sexual slavery. Therefore, it is assumed that any defeat of the ISIS will invariably

In a new Lebanese crisis, the malign hand of Iranian

Diana Moukalled

By : Diana Moukalled :: The resignation of the Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri is a clear indication that Lebanon is at the heart of a period of exceptional confrontation in the region, and will not escape its repercussions. There

Appointment of US Federal Reserve chief affects us all

Dr. Mohamed A. Ramady

By : Dr. Mohamed Ramady :: The appointment of Jerome Powell as Fed Chairman by President Trump is now superseded by what happens next with Fed monetary policy after Janet Yellen . The appointment of a new Federal Reserve Chair

How Russia’s revolutionaries won the battle but lost the war

Yossi Mekelberg

By : Yossi Mekelberg :: A century has passed since the Russian Revolution, undoubtedly one of the most momentous events of the 20th century: A revolution that deeply divided the views of an entire generation, and collapsed like pack of

Israel beats the drums of war

Maria Dubovikova

By : Maria Dubovikova :: Israel is beating the drums of war in the region. Disappointed by American inactivity, and having failed to persuade Moscow to change its mind on the majority of regional issues that most concern Tel Aviv,

A country in denial over 100 years of betrayal

Chris Doyle

By : Chris Doyle :: The tensions over the 100th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration are accelerating to the long-expected fever pitch, outside Israel-Palestine and nowhere more so than in Britain. Already there has been a row over the decision

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