King Fahd: Some Quotations

King Fahd bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud

King Fahd bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud

King Fahd: Some Quotations

“All our objectives in setting out to achieve the goals of an advanced society will not be fulfilled unless illiteracy is abolished throughout the land. We consider this one of the most important duties and responsibilities of ruling.”

“We are active, fellow countrymen, in the wider international sphere within the framework of the United Nations.. We are committed to the UN charter, we reinforce its endeavors Our acts have reflected, and will continue to reflect, our sense of belonging to the world community.”

“The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia lends its full support to the efforts exerted to put an end to the Arab/Israeli conflict and to realize a just and comprehensive solution to the Palestinian question that would establish justice and restore the legitimate rights and lay down a permanent basis for peace, security and stability.”

“We have never failed to promote the welfare of our people, as well as that of our Arab and Muslim brothers. We have readily shared with them the fruits and riches of this country, extending our aid all over the world.”

“The Kingdom, through continuous work on the part of the Government and through the understanding and cohesion of the citizens, undertakes to surmount all difficulties, of whatever nature, to attain, if God so wills, a prosperous society, a society well-balanced economically, culturally and intellectually, and one based on the teachings and spiritual values of Islam.”

“With the blessing and grace of Almighty God and with the assistance of the faithful Saudi people, we shall continue the welfare march of construction and development, and maintain the gains which are reflected by comprehensive achievements in many fields.”

“I will be father to the young, brother to the elderly. I am but one of you; whatever troubles you, troubles me; whatever pleases you, pleases me.”




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