Farook family lawyers hint at conspiracy

Tashfeen Malik and Syed Rizwan Farook going through Chicago’s O’Hare Airport on July 27, 2014.

Tashfeen Malik and Syed Rizwan Farook going through Chicago’s O’Hare Airport on July 27, 2014.

Eyewitnesses, crime-scene evidence and helicopter footage of demise of Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik demise aren’t enough to convince the family’s attorneys of their guilt.

Attorneys representing the Farook family, David S. Chesley and Muhammad Abuershaid, have hinted at a possible conspiracy surrounding the husband and wife team of terrorists who killed 14 and wounded 21 in San Bernardino, California, according to CNN.

“There’s a lot of things that, quite frankly, don’t add up or seem implausible,” Chesley said. “She was never involved in shooting. She’s probably about 90 pounds, so it’s unlikely she could even carry a weapon or wear some type of a vest or do any of this … It just doesn’t make sense for these two to be able to act like some kind of Bonnie and Clyde or something. It’s just ridiculous. It doesn’t add up. It doesn’t add up, the military skills to carry out something like this, really. I’m just telling you straight out – it doesn’t make sense.”

David Bowdich, from the FBI’s Los Angeles office, said the agency designated its investigation into couple as terrorism-related.

“There was nothing to show that (Tashfeen) was extreme at all, and (Farook) was a normal guy, in every sense of the word,” Abuershaid said.

Both attorneys said the families of Farook and Malik have “come to terms” with the evidence shown to them “through the media.”

Abuershaid said he needed to receive more information before reaching a definitive conclusion regarding the terrorists’ guilt.

“I don’t know what can come in, but there’s more information we haven’t received yet,” Abuershaid said.


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