No mercy for Daesh

Linda S. Heard
Linda S. Heard

Linda S. Heard

By : Linda S. Heard

On the very same day that Paris was attacked by soulless scum who’ve achieved new heights in bestiality, US President Obama praised the killing of British decapitator “Jihadi John” and patted himself on the back with an announcement that Daesh is now contained. As one commentator remarked, “If this is containment, what would hemorrhaging look like?”

Then came the coordinated atrocities for which Daesh proudly claimed responsibility. With those attacks on the French capital, the terrorist organization proved it’s far from being contained — and, moreover, it’s succeeded in forming cells within Europe’s borders. Its head honchos no longer concentrate on recruiting wannabe killers to travel to Syria and Iraq, but needs useful idiots with European passports positioned in states it plans to target.

Michael Weiss, author of “ISIS: Inside the Army of Terror” told CNN that the group’s bonfires of its members foreign passports are just for show. When its new foot soldiers arrive they are obliged to handover their passports to be deposited in Daesh’s HQ until they are used to carry out operations.

On the subject of passports, social media is abuzz with people asking how the passports of the three suicide bombers who blew themselves up outside the Stade de France survived intact and why were they carrying their passports in the first place?

One can only conclude those dopes believe that hell has an immigration policy. Strange that they sought to identify themselves when that could place suspicion on their own families and friends!

Interestingly, the Daily Mail is running a story revealing how one of its reporters managed to buy a genuine Syrian passport, ID card and driving license doctored to include his own photographs from a man in Turkey, who warned that they were being snapped up by Daesh fighters hiding among refugees flooding into Europe with the aim of setting-up cells.

The tragedy is that more and more countries will pull up the drawbridge leaving genuine asylum seekers in limbo during the unforgiving winter.

A further consequence is a rise of Islamophobia. The far right-wing National Front has already taken to the streets of northern France with banners calling for Muslims to be expelled. Until now, there’s been little motivation to act decisively with full force in western corridors of power although it was well known that Daesh was engaged in slaughtering Syrians, Iraqis, Libyans, Yemenis and Afghans not to mention bartering Yezidi girls to be used as slaves. There have also been few efforts made to discover which countries are buying their stolen oil, gold and ancient artifacts or who is transporting them, also the methods by which they receive payment.

But such half-hearted approaches changed when innocent people in Paris enjoying the start of their weekend were mercilessly gunned down. Now it’s no longer them over there. The enemy is within triggering a new resolve to erase those bloodthirsty creatures from the face of the earth. It’s incomprehensible to many why this disease was allowed to fester for so long. No boots on the ground has resulted in untold numbers of boots on the ground all over Europe and probably elsewhere.

A Reuters’ report predicts “a stronger global military response to Daesh” now that the group is “proving itself to be a growing worldwide threat.” The writers confirm that “the US has refrained from direct bombardment of known Daesh headquarters buildings in its self-proclaimed capital of Raqqa, Syria” and has been handling the situation “incrementally.”

For some reason, Daesh has pinpointed France as its enemy number one and vow there’s much worse to come. French President Francois Hollande promises merciless retribution and has declared all out war on Daesh. When in recent weeks, the group or its affiliates are under suspicion for bringing down a Russian passenger jet and for bombing innocents in Baghdad, Beirut and Kabul, war on Daesh should have been declared long before now. If the cancer had been treated earlier its metastasis around the world would not have occurred.

The problem now is that Daesh has developed into a well-trained, sophisticated entity with a mastery over new media propaganda, an ability to smuggle semi-automatic weapons into Europe and skills in bomb-making using over the shelf household products.

France has admitted it does not have the intelligence, resources or manpower to monitor the movements and the communications of the thousands on its watch lists 24/7. Indeed, one of the suicide bombers, a French national who had been arrested eight times for petty crimes and was known to have been radicalized, was on its list of suspects.

Hollande announced an emergency. He has ordered the sealing of his country’s borders and advised citizens to remain at home. But for how long could this vibrant capital remain in virtual lockdown? Before the snakes can be found and destroyed on French soil, the hydra headed monsters in Iraq and Syria must be decapitated first. Once the money stops and the group can no more claim victories, the little serpents will do their best to slither away.

All of us whose hearts are with the victims’ families and support France’s battle to retain its way of life, can only hope that Hollande’s declaration of war is backed up by action, not only in partnership with his nation’s western allies but also hand-to-hand with its friends in the Arab world.

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