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Allah Almighty in all His Wisdom has created the Holy Qur’an as a guide for the Muslim Ummah to seek knowledge and apply in all aspects of their lives. The “Islamic Portal” humbly attempts to provide a unique and powerful tool to those who wish to understand Islam in a better way by allowing the user to search for specific words and topics in the Quran and Ahadees. The search will instantly fetch any ayahs/verses where the respective topic or word is mentioned and highlights the words within the contained translations for ease of use.

In this Islamic Portal you will get Complete Quran with Arabic, Urdu, English and Roman Urdu with multiple translations from different school of thoughts.

When a user conducts a search, the application displays the results with the corresponding ayah/verse, the option to download audio recitation of the ayah/verse and the corresponding translation. The translation can be switched between ENGLISH, URDU and ROMAN URDU with even more languages support coming very soon.


➢Search the entire Quran within seconds for key terms, words or topics.

➢Download Audio Recitation of the searched ayahs.

➢Conduct the search using ENGLISH, URDU or ROMAN URDU.

➢Switch translations instantly between ENGLISH, URDU and ROMAN URDU.

➢Presented in crisp HD Retina Display enhanced interface.

➢All searches conducted, included any downloaded audio is stored on the device for offline access as well.

➢Option is also included to manually refresh the memory and clear all search results.

Following Quranic Translations are available in this portal;

1. Muhammad Juna Garhi (Urdu)

2. Zeeshan Jawwadi (Urdu)

3. Tahir ul Qadri (Urdu)

4. Amin Ahsan Islahi (Urdu)

5. A. Salam Butvi (Urdu)

6. Muhammad Hussain Najfi (Urdu)

7. Abul Aala Moudoodi (Urdu)

8. Kanzul Eman (Urdu)

9. Sahih International (English)

10. Muhammad Juna Garhi (Roman Urdu) (Urdu Transliteration)

11. Tafseer Ibn e Kaseer

12. Tafseer Tafheem ul Quran

13. Quranic Root word Urdu and English Dictionary

In this portal user can Search any topic in Ahadees (complete Siha-e-Sitta) books in English and Urdu.

Following books are included in this Portal:

1. Sahih Bukhari

2. Sahih Muslim

3. Jama-e-Tirmazi

4. Sunnan-e- Abu Dawood

5. Sunna-e- Nisai

6. Sunna-e- Ibn-e-Maja

Note: Mishkaat, Mot’ta Imam Malik, Musnad Ahmed etc will be added soon. Insha’Allah.

This Islamic Portal also provides the facility to memorize the Namaz-e-Nabavi as well.

Following features of Namaz are available in this portal:

1. Arabic, Urdu and English Text of Namaz.

2. Audio of Arabic and Urdu Text.

Memorizing different Dua’s via this portal.

User can recite and memorize the dua’s related to the particular occasion. User can listen the audio of Arabi and Urdu as well.

You May Download the App from the following url:
Cell: +923003012285 (on whats app as well)


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