Scholars, Shoura Council support action in Yemen

Shoura Council

The Council of Senior Scholars and Shoura Council have backed the decision by the Kingdom, other members of the Gulf Cooperation Council, and several Arab countries to launch military operations against Houthi forces in Yemen.

The operation, known as Asifat Al-Hazm’ (Operation Decisive Storm), seeks to defend the legitimate government in Yemen, said Sheikh Fahd Al-Majed, secretary general of the council, in a statement recently.

Al-Majed said the Houthis had violated and destabilized Yemen, backed by certain countries in the region intent on destroying Arab nations. He described the decision as “blessed and wise” because the actions of the Houthis were threatening the security and stability of the entire region. Muslims around the world were opposed to this group, he said.

Al-Majed said the council had declared the Houthis a terrorist organization because they showed that they did not care for their country or Muslims when they overthrew their government on Sept. 14 last year.

He said the recent actions of the Houthis, which included seizing several state installations, had proven the council correct in its decision. He called on Muslims around the globe to support the military operation until stability is restored and countries in the region are assured that the Houthis and their backers pose no further threat.

The sheikh said he would pray that Almighty Allah assist the coalition forces in their bid to protect Islam and Muslims from the “evil and deception of corrupt people.”

The head of the Shoura Council, Sheikh Abdullah Al-Asheikh, said the military action was needed to protect the rights of the Yemeni people, and prevent the region from being destabilized. He said the operation was taken in response to a request from Yemeni President Abed Rabbo Mansour.

In a statement carried by the Saudi Press Agency, Al-Asheikh said he and other Shoura members welcomed the decision by the government to protect the Kingdom and region, with forces from the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait and Qatar.

Al-Asheikh said the coalition was taking the correct action because certain regional powers were backing the Houthis so that they could take control of Yemen. This was a threat to the region and global community, he said.

The military action would not have been launched had the Houthis agreed to regional and international calls to end their aggression in the country. Instead, they intensified operations to loot the country and take control of state institutions, he said.

“On the contrary, their goal is to destabilize the security of the region in pursuit of their private and narrow interests.” Al-Asheikh also paid tribute to the soldiers involved in the operation, for their “courage and bravery,” and support of the Yemeni people.

He prayed that God would guide them in their efforts to liberate the country and ensure it becomes stable and prosperous.


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