Iraq seeks KSA help to return to Arab fold

Salim Al-Jabouri
Salim Al-Jabouri

Salim Al-Jabouri

Iraqi Parliament’s president, Salim Al-Jabouri, claimed during his visit to the Kingdom, that he is trying his best to bring Iraq back to the Arab fold once again. He also hoped that the Kingdom will help Iraq renew bonds with other Arab countries.

Al-Jabouri confirmed that the Saudi ambassador will return to Baghdad within a month, hoping his return will contribute to boost relations between the two countries. However, he pointed out, there is still need to make more diplomatic efforts to hike the economic and political cooperation with Saudi Arabia.

“Iranian intervention in Iraq came as a result of the absence of an Arab role in the political scene of Iraq,” Al-Jabouri said after his meeting with Deputy Crown Prince Muqrin in Riyadh. At the same time, he showed appreciation of Saudi Arabia’s decision not to interfere in Iraq’s internal affairs.

“We hope to see Saudi Arabia playing an active role at this critical stage to help Iraq to return to the Arab fold,” Al-Jabouri said.

In response to a question about the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi’s decision to exclude a number of military commanders, the Iraqi official claimed that his people want to face IS, while Sunni tribes are looking for military support provided by the government to protect them. With this decision, the government is trying to avoid repeating previous mistakes.

“Saudi-Iraqi relations were marked by the recent visit of the Iraqi president, who discussed a number of issues with Saudi leaders. However, the two sides need to approach how to deal with terrorism,” Al-Jabouri added.


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