‘To save Urdu, people should learn its script’

Moin Shadab
Moin Shadab

Moin Shadab

The Annual Mushaira 2014 introduced and gathered a number of new poets who are gradually getting a foothold in the field of Urdu poetry in India. Moin Shadab, anchor and assistant producer of Sahara TV’s Alami Samay Urdu News Channel, is one such a bright star whose poetry registers his presence in Indian Mushairas. Shadab was born in Bijnor district in 1967. He completed his higher education from Rajasthan University and Jamia Millia Islamiyah, New Delhi.

In an interview with Saudi Gazette, Shadab highlighted the problems that have become obstacles in the development of Urdu language in India.

“Urdu has become popular as a dialect recently but due to different political reasons as a language it has not progressed much. The number of Urdu speaking people has grown recently but the condition of this language is still very poor. Day by day the number of the people who could read or write Urdu is diminishing,” Shadab said.

“The number of newspapers, and magazines has also grown but Urdu readership is declining. The modern equipments, gadgets, technology and electronic media have helped Urdu much. These seemed to be a boon for it. Urdu dialect was already popular in India, latest developments have given it a vast field and scope in which no language can challenge Urdu.

“Our Urdu literature is progressing but Urdu language seems to be stagnant. The Urdu audience are there, but their great number cannot take language to the great heights. Languages depend on the readership and their daily use by the common people.

“On this front Urdu has recently received great setbacks. A great number of lovers of Urdu do not know Urdu script. Once the script has gone, language gradually becomes part of the darkness of the godown-like archives. The languages first become dialect and later die. We should teach Urdu to our children so that it could remain alive. There is no other magic wand except it. The Urdu speaking people should unite to save this precious cultural heritage at any cost,” he added.

Shadab also like Urdu Ghazal, a popular and profound tradition of the poetic genre. He is inspired by the works of Firaq Gorakhpuri, Nasir Kazimi, Shakeb Jalali, Faiz Ahmad Faiz and John Elia. In the modern Urdu Ghazal, Irfan Siddiqui and Abbas Tabish impressed him.

The poet, however, confessed that he does not copy anybody’s style, and has his own style of rendering poetry.

Commenting on the recently held Mushaira, Shadab said he was in awe with the high literary taste of Jeddah audience.

“I wouldn’t have believed but since I have seen them myself, now seeing is believing. In Jeddah I see a different phase of Mushaira. Mushaira was always popular among masses but in this city (Jeddah) it has touched the mind and hearts of educated and elite class. It’s a miracle,” Shadab said.

He lauded the organizational skills of Indian Consulate Jeddah’s team in organizing such a grand Mushaira. He was all praise for Indian Consul General BS Mubarak and Indian Press Consul and Culture Dr. Irshad Ahmad for their hospitality.

Some couplets from Moin Shadab’s poetry:

Kisi ke saath guzara hua woh ik lamha
Agar main sochne baithoon
to zindagi kam hai

Apni aulad se ta’zeem
ki ummmid na rakh
Apne maan baap se jab too
ne baghawat ki hai

Sahafiyon ko kahan hale
dil suna baithe
Yeh ek baat kaiee zaawiyon
se likkhenge

Sannp jab tak aasteenon
ke na mare jayenge
Hausla kitna bhi ho hum
jang hare jayenge


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