Riyadh welcomes Eid with fireworks

Dazzling fireworks lit up Riyadh’s skyline over seven locations as residents expectantly welcomed Eid holidays. (SPA)

Dazzling fireworks lit up Riyadh’s skyline over seven locations as residents expectantly welcomed Eid holidays. (SPA)

Colorful fireworks display lit up the the pitch-black skies over seven locations in the Saudi capital on Monday night as residents of all ages expectantly welcomed the Eid Al-Fitr holidays.

Families of various nationalities — Saudi, Bangladeshi, Sudanese, Sri Lankan, Egyptian, Jordanian, Syrian, Filipino, Indian and Pakistani — were out in the streets, gripped by immense happiness as they waited for the fireworks display to start.

At the Malaz Stadium, hundreds of people who had watched the colorful spectacle as the Eid holidays commenced in the past, thronged the area. They included Ahmed A. Al-Mufarreh, general manager of Kandil Al-Riyadh, and his wife.

“We have made it a point to bring our kids to wherever fireworks displays are organized, hoping that they will remember it as a way of making time for them,” he said.

But the number of spectators had increased, causing the crowd to spill over into the streets. Others like Sri Lankan student Muhammed Mashar decided to stay near the Malaz Zoo, thinking that they would have a better view of the awaited event while they took pictures of the dancing fireworks display with their cameras and cell phones.

The fathers had a daughter or a son on their shoulders to make sure they won’t miss any single moment of the spectacular fireworks displays which have become very popular.

“My friend and his children are here to watch the fireworks display like we did in the past years to welcome Eid Al-Fitr,” said Abdurraheem Ali, a Sudanese.

If indeed they were enthusiastic about the event, it is because they watch it only during the first three nights of Eid and during the celebration of the Saudi National Day.

As 11:15 p.m. struck, there was an explosion of firecrackers, followed by whispers to the effect that the awaited fireworks display was about to commence.

Dazzling fireworks displays soon started to light up the skies. During those moments — lasting for ten minutes — time seemed to stand still not a whisper could be heard. All eyes were trained on the dazzling spectacle, and all those present were held spellbound.

Half of Al-Ahsa Road was occupied by cars whose drivers and passengers had joined the admiring crowd looking at fireworks displays that broke into different colors such as violet, yellow, green, red, crimson, among others.

“The fireworks display was fascinating to watch. The explosion of various colors with black sky as a backdrop gripped the imagination. I and my wife enjoyed watching it,” said Basel Musa, a Jordanian doctor, as he pushed the trolley of his one-year-old daughter Sarah.

Ambulant peddlers took the opportunity to cash in on the occasion by selling popcorn, water, soda, among others.

Firework displays were also held in six other locations such as King Fahd Stadium, Prince Sultan University area, Salam Mall, Badiyah Bridge, King Abdulaziz Park, and Al Hair area.

The local government had made the necessary preparations for any eventuality with the presence of officers to maintain peace and order, the fire brigade and ambulances, among others.


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