It is time for serious introspection

Saad Dosari

By: Saad Dosari

When the sun comes up, it is normal for kids to go out and play on the beach. Building castles, playing footballs, running after each other, falling and helping each other out, screaming and laughing and opening their arms to embrace life … till the sound of bullets cover the sound of laughter and the jumping small bodies fall stone dead on the sand.

The happy and full life scene happens anywhere in the world, the followed dark and bloody one perhaps only happens in Gaza.

It is sad, and scary what is happening in Gaza these days; sad due the loss of innocent lives, and scary because it is once again a demonstration of how barbarian a human being can become, killing without mercy, unleashing excessive power on helpless farmers and fishermen.

And if you are still a believer in the “global conscience,” you may want to think again. The whole world seems to be crippled, unable to do anything of merit to stop the bloodshed. The world we are living in is a world of tangled interests, greed and power. There is no space for mercy and peace to grow and flourish. It is the world run by politicians and sometimes it seems to me that for politicians, the world is nothing but a video game. This world will come to an end one day, and these politicians will only expedite the process, I guess!

Although the horror in Gaza, the strip of land that became known as the largest open-air prison in the world, is not new, the horror this time seems to be having kids and teenagers caught in the crossfire. The chronicles of events that led to the current situation had begun by the abduction of teenagers from this group, and met by another abduction, beating and burning alive a teenager by the other group. A game of horror played by the two parties to pave the road for rockets and blood.

Trying to analyze the situation in Gaza in anyway is a dangerous task. Using logic and deduction won’t help, you either cheer for the group in Gaza, or you are most probably a traitor. That basically sums up the discussions taking place about Gaza these days on the Arab streets. You can witness it on social media websites, on news channels, and on most of the Arabic media; people fighting and expropriating each other’s rights of being Arabs or Muslims just because they have different opinions. I can only imagine how does it feel be to a political analyst in the Arab world. It is nothing less than a minefield where a wrong step could open the gates of hell.

However, this is not a political article, I am not here to discuss who is right and who is wrong, it is an article about the humans who usually fall victims because of political stands and political wrangling. The case of Palestine is undeniable. The people of Palestine are the last on earth who live under a direct occupation in modern history. The level of injustice and hardship they have to live up with and face on daily basis is unmistakable.

Nevertheless, solving the situation would never come through incidental adventures, shiny emblems and enthusiastic speeches. We are losing ground not only because the strength of the enemy, but because we are getting weaker. There is hardly any advancement in the Palestinian case in the past 60 years or so. That, per se, is an indication enough that we are doing something wrong!

We just need to wake up, to focus on building our future instead of feeding on our past. Nations are not built by delivering fiery speeches, but through hard work and turning ambitions and dreams into reality. There is a long journey that we have to take on the road of civilization in order to be able to take back what is ours. When we negotiate, we better negotiate while holding the winning cards, and when there is no other way than playing the game of politics, we better play it strategically, smartly. How many more kids should we lose more before realizing that we are on the wrong bus?




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