Spending time with kids

Hatoon Kadi

By: Hatoon Kadi

We are going through the last 10 days of the blessed month of Ramadan. I pray to God to accept our fasts, prayers and other acts of worship and shower His blessings on us all.

The other day, I attended my son’s leavers’ party. He has officially finished primary school. Had he been in Saudi Arabia, he would still be in the primary section but the British schooling system is different from ours. My son will start secondary school in the next academic year. Well, the event was very touching.

I came to meet those children who a very few years ago were so young that they needed help at every step they took. That day they were entering a new phase of their lives and taking the initial steps toward their teenage that will eventually lead them to adulthood.

I attended the proceedings with tears in my eyes. I saw my little one and could not stop wondering, when did he grow up? Where is my little boy whom I taught how to ride the bike? Where is my little boy who thinks I am a superwoman who knows everything and his ultimate wish in life is to impress me? I saw him singing at the leavers’ party (and I am moving on letting go) and I could not stop thinking when did it all happen? Years vanished and now here we are, my little boy is 11 and in no time he will be a teenager. I am savoring his still childish voice and trying to enjoy it as much as I can because this voice in no time will change and he will enter in that transition phase between childhood and teenage where his voice will be unrecognizable, not only his voice, but he will be a new person who will not accept being treated as a little boy, I really wonder if at that time will he still allow me to hug him in public? I wish he would.

If any parent is reading this, please enjoy your time with your children, play and jump and be silly. These moments are precious and you can never have them again, suddenly you will see a little man and a little woman and you wish you can have just one moment of those moments wasted on laptops and TV with our children playing alone or being supervised by a nanny. Enjoy your kids when you are still the only people they want to impress.




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