Hungarian envoy finds friendly faces everywhere

Miklós Kállay
Miklós Kállay

Miklós Kállay

• Which particular aspect of Saudi Arabia you like the most?
The dynamism and religious commitment of its people.

• Can you tell us your favorite and oft-repeated Arabic word?
Assalamu alaikum.

• Which book is now on your bedside?
The Bible, the Qur’an and Boris Pasternak’s Dr. Zhivago.

• What is your favorite holiday destination?
Lake Balaton in Hungary.

• What is your dream country where you would like to be posted after leaving Saudi Arabia?
No set preference for any posting.

• Which country’s people have you found most friendly?
Everywhere you can find friendly people.

• How do you react to or deal with anger?
With a smile.

• What is your source of strength during tough times?
Deeds, family and devotion.

• What was your first impression about the Kingdom?
The fasting during Ramadan, in October of 2003.

• Which Saudi city fascinated you most?
Riyadh, followed by Jeddah and Taif.

• Your favorite Saudi dish?
Hashi Kabbsah with rice.

• The thing about Kingdom that you will always remember?
The hospitality of Saudis toward strangers.

• If you were given only one option between Facebook and Twitter, what would you prefer?
I don’t prefer any of them although I have private e-mail boxes.

• If you had not become a diplomat, what would have been your profession?
A teacher at a university or a secondary school

• Is hiding the truth acceptable in diplomacy?
Yes in a certain cases. It depends on the matter and situation.

• How do you keep yourself fit?
Running, tennis and occasionally gym workouts.

• Your favorite restaurant?
Nafoura Restaurant.

• You are a fan of which football club?
The Hungarian Ferencvárosi TC

• Who is your favorite actor/actress?
Péter Rudolf and Dorottya Udvaros.

• What is your favorite weekend activity?
Reading and staying with my family.


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