Grand Mufti: Don’t use media in blame game

Grand Mufti Sheikh Al-Asheikh
Grand Mufti Sheikh Al-Asheikh

Grand Mufti Sheikh Al-Asheikh

Grand Mufti Abdul Aziz Al-Asheikh has said that social issues should not be discussed through the various media outlets, as they lead to accusations and counter-accusations between the parties involved.

In his Friday sermon at Imam Turki bin Abdullah Mosque here, Al-Asheikh, who is also chairman of the Council of Senior Scholars and head of the Standing Committee for Scientific Research and Ifta, said that making mistakes is part of human nature.

“But the best among the people are those who repent immediately and seek the advice of others for reforming themselves instead of shaming others as well as indulging in slander, abuse and defamation,” the mufti said.

He said that seeking advice is important in the life of a Muslim. It promotes a spirit of community cohesion and cooperation, besides eliminating any weakness in its social structure.

Al-Asheikh said journalists can play an active role in guiding society on the right path through words and deeds. This can be done by highlighting the activities of those members who set a good example for others without finding fault or creating hatred against others.

They should seek to unite the hearts by treating issues with wisdom, compassion and insight instead of dividing the nation.

He said that citizens should heed the advice of the head of the Dawa affairs in the interest of the nation’s stability and security.

According to Al-Asheikh, the nation is facing threats from its enemies, who are instigating some people to create trouble. He advised the Muslim community to show mercy in dealing with those on the wrong path and refrain from harming them in line with the teachings of the Qur’an and the Sunnah.

Good words are the weapons of the believer in dealing with others, he reaffirmed, stressing that a dialogue is not compromised by the pillars of religion and its basic principles.

What matters is sincerity of faith in God, honesty, patience, and the capacity for listening, appreciation and mutual respect.


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