Creative Thinking: Climbing the ladder


By : Elsa Franco Al Ghaslan

Going back to… possibly the Big Bang, we realize that creation (the Universe and our own world) have never been static. Everything changes, evolves in a never-ending transformation. If you think about pre-historic times, the stone age, when mankind was at a very primitive stage of evolution, a consideration comes to mind: “things” changed naturally through erosion, earthquakes, wind, telluric shifting etc. Animals also underwent a transformation fueled by their survival needs until they found the best environment where such needs were satisfied and taken care of. What about “man“? If the man of Neanderthal, having found a place with enough game to feed himself and his family and having provided them with a suitable shelter (a cozy little cave?), he could have remained as he was. But, fortunately, this did not happen. Why? Because human beings are endowed with a great attribute: imagination. If no-one had ever made use of such gift, things would have stayed as they were, if not forever, certainly for a very long time, much longer than it has actually been.

Imagination, a quality of thought, gives man (and woman) that marvelous capability of rising above the dust, providing him with the metaphorical wings that allow human beings to soar higher and higher. As a result, great civilizations developed, useful discoveries and inventions were made, amazing artistic results were achieved, and so on. The capacity of the human brain has been proven over and over again. So, why do “you” remain static and accept a kind of life that keeps you tied down to the ground? You do not need to be a genius to make use of your imagination. You are neither requested nor expected to invent a new device (There are already so many…who needs another one anyway?). You do not need to start exploring exotic lands or discover new laws of physics. All you need is to make use of your mind to improve yourself and, consequently, your life. A possible reason for your “stillness” or immobility? You have not realized that you are stuck at the bottom of a ladder. A ladder is a symbol for progress, for advancement, for elevation. “Why should I move?,” some say, “I am perfectly fine where am I.” Good for you. Congratulations! If you feel that your life is complete, serene, happy enough. it truly means that you have no ladder to climb. But if you feel that something is lacking, that something could be improved, that you are not fulfilled enough, you might be willing to look for your own personal ladder and start planning how to climb it.

For most people it is easer to stay put, to remain on the lowest level, complaining about their bad luck or a cruel destiny that does not treat them as they wish for. Complaining is easy (many find it even “pleasant“), while doing, acting, taking action is much more tiring because it entails willpower, commitment and… some personal work. If you feel you would like a certain situation in your life to change, ask yourself, sincerely, “What am I actually doing to get out of such predicament? To heal that painful hurt? To mend that difficult relationship? To improve an unfulfilling job?” If you come to the conclusion that you are not doing enough or anything at all to improve the situation (you need a lot of honesty, though, because lots of good excuses will pop up miraculously in your mind to justify your inaction), it is up to you to decide how you want to proceed. Can you make use of your imagination and devise a way to change things? As stagnant water becomes poisonous, an inactive mind becomes dull and ends up losing its capabilities, exactly like an unused muscle which gets weaker and weaker till it becomes atrophic.





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