Creative Thinking: Push the door open


By : Elsa Franco Al Ghaslan

A great temptation that almost no one can avoid is the belief that, at a certain point in your life, you know enough and therefore you do not need to learn anything else. The “new” seems somehow mysterious, almost scary to most. You believe that your knowledge is enough, you have the experience you need as far as your work is concerned, you are well acquainted with the so-called facts of life, so you are certain that you can march along the path of the life that spreads ahead of you with total self-assurance in your capabilities.

Believing in yourself is a wonderful thing and you should never give up self-esteem and a deep trust in your ability to achieve success in life. The problem arises when you start thinking that you know it all and therefore you do not need to learn any more.

You sometimes behave like a junior high school kid who acts like a senior university student. You are good, actually excellent, according to the grade you are in, but you are certainly not as highly learned as you are deluding yourself to be.

The result of not accepting your present ignorance is the cause of future negative results. A person is “ignorant” when they do not know enough, when they do not have sufficient training, awareness or information.

There is nothing to be worried about or ashamed of. Not a single human being could ever say that they know everything there is to know. Therefore everybody (including you) should put themselves in a disposition of willingness to face the “new”, accept it and learn from it.

If you are not willing to learn and do something “beyond” what you already know or what you have already done, you are going to remain stuck in the rut of an immutable existence, in a dull routine that will never change. Is this what you want from life?

Envision yourself walking toward a much desired destination. Are you ready to face the possible obstacles that you will meet on the way and acquire the tools enabling you to devise the best way to overcome them, or would you prefer to fight your way through the challenge with unsuitable means? Would you use a pocket knife when an ax is necessary? Or use English to have a conversation in Italian?

Let us be realistic: You might find yourself in situations where your knowledge is not enough. Just admit it and be open to acquiring some information that you have not come around to learning yet. There is a time for everything. What matters is the “disposition”.

The temptation to stop where you are is great. You had set a first target, you reached it, and as you feel you have done enough, you convince yourself that you do not need to make any other “effort”. You have a job, a family, a couple of hobbies, your own social circle and with this you believe you have completed your “responsibilities” as a human being. Well, you have not. At least, not completely, not to the highest degree. And, deep inside, you know it. You know that this is not enough.

This does not mean that you should feel dissatisfied with what you have and be covetous of what you do not have. It simply means that you should not accept a standstill as a normal component of your existence.

If you look both around and inside yourself, you will always find something to improve, be it your work performance, your behavior toward others, a trait of your character that you dislike, your relationship with a specific person.

You could also make your routing more exciting and lively cultivating a new interest such as a sport you never thought of trying, learning more about a subject you are interested in, getting to know someone better… Many doors open in front of you leading to the “new”. Are you willing to push and open any of them?




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