Working women juggle demands of family and jobs

Working Women

Working women often have the unenviable task of trying to find time for family and demanding careers.

Latifa Alabdelkadir, a fashion designer, says there is no doubt working women have to sacrifice time spent at home. “My work limits the time I spend with my family, and at family gatherings. I always have to be at my studio working on designs and attending to clients. I’m trying hard to find a balance because my family means a lot to me.”

Alabdakadir says working women can overcome this issue by getting their children to take up responsibilities at home. This allows them to remotely manage their homes while at work.

She says women must have a clear dividing line between work and home. If this is not the case then they are bound to disappoint their children and other members of their family.

Mai Al-Oqla, an investor and owner of a sweets and pastry business, says she has been able to find a comfortable balance between work and home. The Internet has helped a great deal because she has been able to cut down on traveling.

Al-Oqla also believes that the key to success is to trust in God and allocating quality time to both career and home life.

For interior designer Nada Aljabr, work requires her to travel and attend many exhibitions, which has affected her family life. She has been trying to find a balance by spending as much time with her family as possible because she believes that this is a crucial element for success at work and happiness at home.

Huda Mehdi, a businesswoman and owner of Huda Thurathiat, is in a different situation. “My sons are married and their wives are my assistants, so I have no problem,” she says.

She believes that women can be successful if they organize themselves properly. “Time management, sleeping early and being punctual with customers and family are the keys to success.”

Some women involve their families in their work. “I assign my 15-year-old computer-related work, and I rely on the opinion of my 9-year-old daughter about what kids love in concerts and shows. So every member of my family joins in on my work,” says Nefelh Al-Dosari.

Ali Zaeri, a psychologist, says working women who are successful often work even harder to maintain that success. He believes that this could be detrimental to their home life, and that they should try to find a balance.

He says working women can achieve this psychological balance by taking time for themselves, remain healthy by exercising and staying away from energy-sapping and unhealthy food. Happiness comes from the inside. If women are able to achieve an inner happiness, they will automatically be able to spread it to those around them, he says.

He says working women must ensure that they do not mix their home and working lives because this is a key part of finding the correct balance.

Jassim Al-Mutawa, an expert and consultant in family and education, says that balance must be sought because a successful career can also mean a happy home life.





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