How your cup of coffee can beautify you

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Many of us focus on the disadvantages of coffee on health and ignore the many benefits of coffee for the skin.

Caffeine is known to harm our health, but applying it to the skin can bring beautiful results.

We have collaborated with beauty experts to present to our readers the best home recipes for your skin using coffee as a main ingredient.

• Coffee prevents your skin from dehydration and dryness. Moisturized skin is important to look beautiful. We suggest this recipe to help you get back your healthy-looking skin.

3 tbsp. coffee
1 tbsp. cocoa

Mix cocoa and coffee in a bowl, then gradually add the water. Keep stirring until you get a dough-like mixture. Apply the mask on your face for 30 minutes, rinse your face with warm water and then with cold water.

• Coffee can also whiten your skin. It not just peels and tightens your skin, it also brightens it. If you have dark areas on your skin, then we suggest you try this fabulous recipe:

1 cup milk
3 tbsp. coffee

Mix the ingredients together and apply the mask on your face and neck for 30 minutes. Rinse your face with warm water and then with cold water.

• Coffee peels and renews your skin. If you are looking to tighten your skin and get back your youthfulness, you must try this recipe to see for yourself:

2 tsp. coffee
1 egg white

Mix all ingredients in a bowl. Apply the mask on your face for 20 minutes. Then rinse it with warm water.

• Coffee kills cellulite also. You might doubt this but recent studies have found that coffee does treat and fight cellulite. So if you suffer from having those ugly lines, then try this recipe:

½ cup coffee
Olive oil (As much needed)

Place olive oil in a bowl and gradually add the coffee. Stir until you get a soft dough. Start scrubbing the areas that you wish to slim, like hips and thighs. Don’t forget to wrap these areas with a plastic wrap for 10 minutes, then remove the plastic and shower. Repeat everyday.

• Coffee helps return brightness and freshness to your skin. If you are stressed or have had a tough day that can affect the look of your skin then try this recipe:

Shower gel

Mix ingredients in a bowl and use it as a scrub for your skin twice a week. You will notice a brighter and tighter skin.

• You can have a glowing face by making ice cubes of coffee. Wipe your face with it every morning. Ice stimulates blood circulation and provides a shiny beautiful skin. It also reduces big pores and prevents wrinkles. But be aware that applying ice directly to your face can be harsh, especially to sensitive skin, as it could press on tiny blood bristles under your skin. You can wrap a clean towel around the ice cube to wipe your face with.

• You will be amazed that the most expensive creams to reduce wrinkles contain coffee and chocolates.

Mix ¼ cup of coffee with 1 tbsp of olive oil. Apply the mask on areas with wrinkles and wrap it with several layers of plastic. The mixture may fall on the floor, that is why we suggest you stand on a paper or a towel. Then leave it for few minutes. Remove the plastic and the mixture and rinse your skin with warm water. Repeat twice a week.

• Using too many tools to straighten your hair can damage it, which does not make your hair look healthy. It is hard to give up on hair dryers and straighteners, but this recipe will help to reduce the damage. Coffee has the most effective results on hair as it moisturizes the locks of hair.

2 tbsp. coffee
1 tbsp. honey
Hair cream

How to prepare:
1. Wash your hair with water and vinegar. Vinegar will wash off dandruff and coffee will provide you with glowing hair.
2. Dry your hair with a towel. Don’t rub or brush your hair. Instead, press your hair using the towel until it is dry.
3. Mix the ingredients, then apply the mixture on your palms and massage each section of your hair. Repeat it from scalp to the ends.
4. Wrap your hair and leave it for one hour.
5. Wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner. The damage will gradually disappear when this process is repeated once a week.

• The simple coffee mask for glowing hair

You only need to use Turkish or American sediment coffee and apply it on your hair from top to bottom.

Hold your hair and wrap it for 15 minutes.

Wash your hair with water; you can also add a cup of water and apple cider vinegar to the hair. Wash your hair with shampoo.

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