Creative Thinking: Reflections on Life

By : Elsa Franco Al Ghaslan

We all have had the opportunity to read beautiful quotes, i.e. words written or uttered by wise individuals who, in brief, were capable of expressing deep truths about people, feelings, “life”. Unfortunately, our habit is to read such words, nod our head in appreciation, possibly comment on their wisdom and … tend to immediately forget about them.

While learning to make use of the conclusions that some enlightened human beings reached, I also enjoyed reflecting and, eventually, writing about them. Among these inspirational authors is William Arthur Ward, one of America’s most quoted writers of inspirational maxims. Let us have fun examining some of his considerations about “life”.

“The adventure of life is to learn.”

Of course we all know, say and repeat that “life” is a school. But how many truly understand the meaning of these words, and, most of all, apply them in their lives? Learning is what you do in every instant of your existence, either you know it or not.
Everything you hear, see, touch, smell, feel etc. gives you something, leaves a track on your personality. In a word, they change you, they add something to your previous way of being. In such way, your experiences make you a more complete human being. Why don’t you try to make this endeavor an exciting adventure? How can you do it? Simply by becoming aware of what is going on in yourself whenever you interact with the outside world.

“The purpose of life is to grow.” A clear consequence of the process of learning, is your personal growth. While becoming more “complete”, you also acquire a greater awareness of who you are, of what you can be, of what you are capable of doing. You leave behind the belief that you are a “small” human being, with limited possibilities, and you start seeing yourself like a flower that, starting from a tiny seed, slowly undergoes different stages of development, until it reaches its perfect state of being. You can do the same. You, too, can become the best being you can conceive.

“The nature of life is to change.” Although you might sometimes wish that things stay the same, this is not possible. Yes, you are reasonably contented where you are, you are satisfied with your achievements, in general you have a good life so you would prefer things to stay as they are, forever. But it can’t be. Life changes because everything undergoes a natural transformation. Your body is never the same, your thoughts are never the same, your feelings are never the same (you might think they are, but they are not, at least not “exactly”!). Therefore, accept the fact that also “life” cannot be static, ever.

“The challenge of life is to overcome.” You may have realized that your days, in spite of being well organized, still provide you with plenty of challenges that you need to face in order to overcome the obstacles. How well you do this, it only depends on you, on your willingness, on your strength, on your courage, on your self-confidence.

“The essence of life is to care.”

“The opportunity of life is to serve.”

Your first duty is toward yourself but, at the same time, you you cannot be only for yourself. You need to care for another and you have to offer your service. Human beings are here on Earth to co-operate, to live next to each other, to help each other. No one could survive (at least in an acceptable way) without interacting with their fellow human beings.

“The spice of life is to befriend.”

“The beauty of life is to give.”

“The joy of life is to love.”

Being friends spices up your life because it puts you in contact with humankind, it makes you know other individuals, to enjoy diversity, to learn about new things, to experience something other than yourself. When you live next to someone else, you appreciate the beauty of giving, you realize that receiving only is not enough to make you feel fulfilled. And finally… love! Well, too much has already been said about the highest feeling of all. Just spend a little time meditating of the importance of Love in your own life, weigh the amount you get and give, ask yourself if it is enough or if some more could be added.






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