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A URL shortener is a service that turns those long Website addresses into condensed versions of themselves. This method allows you to easily submit small links to email, blogs, and more without having to type in the entire address, worry about copy and pasting the information or how your email or post appears.

Any URL shortener essentially uses a redirected link, virtually any address can be shortened by it. Simply place the condensed link on a page or email message; once these are clicked, the visitor is redirected to the page you assigned for that URL.


One of the URL shorteners out there is Bitly. It is a powerful tool when it comes to shortening, bookmarking, tracking and sharing your links for a cost of zero.

There are two ways to sign up for an account. You can create an account using your email information, or you can sign up using your Facebook login.

Once your account is ready, you can save, search, and organize all your Bitlinks from around the web. Group them into bundles and share them with your friends. And if you don’t want your Bitlinks (shortened links) on your public profile, just mark them as private.

If you operate from several computers, saving Bitlinks and grouping them into bundles will make it easier for you to access all your links from anywhere, anytime instead of bookmarking the same sites repeatedly for all of the devices you use throughout the week, you can store them in one location accessible from the Internet on any device.

To share any Bitlink, you only have to copy and paste it on Facebook, Twitter, email or any other platform. These links use a tracking code and will inform you if they have been clicked or shared themselves.

You can also add notes to each of the links you store in Bitly. As you can change these links to become private, you can store log in information and reminders in this note area in case you forget why the site was bookmarked in the first place.

Like some similar applications, has a javascript code you can add to your browser’s toolbar. This will allow you to instantly create shortened URLs from any website you are visiting and add them to your bookmarks.

Are you using any URL shortener? Let us know about it by leaving a comment.





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